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20 years ago Sarah was standing in exactly the same spot you’re in right now.  She wanted to train her dog using rewards; she didn’t want to have to yell, intimidate or correct her dog to have him listen to me.  Sarah learned that you can have a well behaved, happy dog without making yourself miserable.

On the journey Sarah gained a:

  • BSc (hons) Animal Behaviour and Psychology (1st class)
  • DipCABT (Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training)
  • Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (So she can train people too!)
  • Certificate of Excellence for “Living and Learning with Animals: The Science & Technology of Behaviour Change” course (quick ‘science of learning’ refresher!)
  • Fear Free Trainer Certification (which means she can help you with handling and care such as grooming or the application of long term medication).

Nothing warms the heart quite like a puppy gazing adoringly in your eyes

Connection in heelwork – we’re even in step!

Since her journey began, Sarah’s trained many, many dogs (and their people) to do many, many things – from basic pet dog manners, to being successfully titled dog sport teams.

With her own dogs she’s competed successfully in Rally-O, Agility and her big passion, Competitive Obedience (earning an Obedience Grand Champion title and winning Test C at the National Dog Obedience Assembly – the biggest obedience trial in NZ).

Sarah’s goal is to pass those training skills on to you, so you can have a responsive, well behaved dog with a rock solid bond, built on trust.  

She took the hard road to success but you don’t have to struggle and make the mistakes she did. Let her set you and your dog on the road to becoming an amazing team.  

Sarah loves sharing knowledge and helping people! She’s published articles in the NZKC Dog World Magazine, and has written guest blogs for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy  and the Animal Training Academy. Sarah has also presented seminars and workshops on the science of training both here in NZ and internationally. 

In her spare time she writes, trains her own dogs for competitive obedience, reads science fantasy novels and eats too much chocolate.  (Not necessarily in that order!)

“Sarah helped me tremendously when my confidence in both myself & dog were at a very low point. She worked very hard with us & taught me a huge amount about both myself & my dog.

Sarah has a real ability to see & understand the issues & many different tools to use in each situation.  She has a wonderful box full of positive training skills and is happy to try other options if the first doesn’t work until she gets to something that suits us both… 

…I like the way that Sarah doesn’t have just one box that everyone has to fit into and how well she works each partnership on its own merits.”

— Anne M. and Frost