reward-based training for real-life results  


…Train your dog the way they’d love to be trained


reward-based training for real-life results  

…Train Your Dog the Way They’d Love to be Trained

Professional training for pet and sports dogs, online and in Dunedin, Otago, NZ.

Do you want to train your dog with reward-based training, but not sure how?

So much innocence! But without an education you’re staring big problems in the face…

Maybe you’ve already been to classes, gone down internet rabbit holes, and had advice from everyone and their mother? 

Now your brain is so stuffed with conflicting information you don’t know which way is up.

What you need is a tried and tested process that allows you to teach your dog whatever you want them to know. 

Forget recipe-training and spot-fixing individual problems; those methods don’t work in the long run. Like playing “wack-a-mole” just as you think you’ve dealt with one annoying habit, a new one pops up!


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…without Sarah’s guidance I don’t think we could have successfully helped Tui learn the ways of the world so well.

Hannah S. and Tui

You gave us the tools to navigate our way to sanity.

Jo I. and Gretal

Sarah – you are an excellent instructor with obvious skill in this area. You are generous in sharing your knowledge and I look forward to us working together some more!

Megan B. and Ziggy

Free downloadable housetraining guide to get you started

Why train with HotDogs?

‘Dog’ training is really all about You; the dog’s learning is almost secondary.  We’ll train your dog as well, but you’ll be learning as much as they do – if not more.

When you work with me you’ll discover a whole new take on ‘dog training’.  Not a set of generic recipes for ‘sit’, ‘heel’ or ‘stay’, but the real tools you need, and the know-how to apply them effectively.

And the ‘secret’ key to success?  I teach you how to read your dog – because the better you understand your dog, the better you can communicate with them.  Effective training is a dialogue, not a monologue!

Getting inventive about muzzle training. Only the best will do!

“I really wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog and I totally love how you present exactly the kind of info I so desperately sought when Tosca was a baby dog… 

You are spot on in terms of the back story you provide and how you wrap your message into the context of life not just training – especially the perspective that every dog is different and it’s never linear or straight forward – wish I’d found you back then.”

Nic R.

“I love your blog. It is one of the highlights of my dog owning life.”

Karen A.